Ditra Heated cable 120v


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DITRA-HEAT is the only electric floor warming system that directly incorporates uncoupling technology to ensure that floors aren’t susceptible to cracked tiles and grout. Cables can be placed wherever heat is desired for customized heating zones, and no leveling compounds are required, which makes for a quick and easy installation.

  1. Do NOT buy the same amount of Heating cable as the area that needs to be covered – It will be too much cable!
  2. Never install under vanities 
  3. 4″ from plumbing
  4. 3 stud spacing
  5. Only meant to be used on the floor
  6. Cables snap into the membrane; clips and fasteners are not required
  7. No self-levelers required to encapsulate the cables; installation time significantly reduced
  8. No return to thermostat required
  9. Produces virtually zero electromagnetic fields
  10. 120 V and 240 V options available in a variety of lengths
  11. Please cable test the line during installation to ensure cable quality for warranty purposes

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